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Easy Integration, Fast Automation

API Rest integration

Xtract's APIs allow fast and simple integrations. Once the integration process is completed it runs 100% automatically.

Real time invoice tracking. See the posting status of each invoice updated in real time.

Expert’s support throughout the integration until its 100% automated.

Plug & Play.
Flat File Integration

Massively upload purchase invoices to your ERP in a few seconds. From Xtract you can generate a flat file ready to import to your accounting system.

No development of any kind is needed. Implement Xtract in 5 business days.

Generate reports with the information of your invoices in only a few clicks.

Some ERPs that have already connected with Xtract

Integrate Dynamics 365 to Xtract via API or flat file (txt or csv) to automate the entry of invoices and have your purchase information available in real time.

Connect SAP to Xtract to automate your financial processes, efficiently meeting the demands of the regulatory world and accessing financial knowledge and vision 24/7.

Gain an 10x efficiency boost with Xtract and Oracle integration. Xtract automates your RPA document processing solution, eliminating tedious manual data entry.

Whether you are a Ceres or Teamplace user, by integrating Xtract with Finnegans, you will save yourself the manual work of uploading your purchase and sales invoices, no matter how many suppliers you have.

You can now consume the information of your invoices from Xtract and take them to Tango, thus allowing you to digitize the entire process and using our customizable filters to find them in seconds.

Automate invoice entry in Quickbooks Online. Recommended for companies with a significant volume of invoices looking to reduce the time spent manually recording these documents.

Enter your purchase invoices automatically in Softland Logic or Softland Advance. Regardless of the industry you operate in, integrate via API or flat file

Automate the reading of purchase invoices from your suppliers and register the accounting documents in Siigo at the moment you receive them and without the need to enter any data manually.

Integrate Memory with Xtract to automate the registration of purchase invoices in that ERP as well as their payments. Eliminate manual typing and reduce the margin of error.

Available for Bejerman Web and previous versions. Enter invoices in bulk through a txt file. Save yourself the time of making the document entry one by one.

You can now automate the entry of your purchase and sale invoices in Zeta. They are recorded at the time they enter, both in accounting and in the Management module.

Automate the reception and entry of invoices in Odoo. You can do it via API or flat file in the Web version of the accounting system.

Your ERP is not in this list?

Don't worry, any accounting software can be easily integrated with Xtract.
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