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Expense Management App.



Your team will be able to upload their expenses from the Xtract App and stop carrying paper receipts physically.



As an administrator you will be able to view and approve expenses from your dashboard updated in real time.


Register in your ERP

Make the reimbursement and posting of expenses in your accounting system something easy and automatic.

Must-have expense management software for finance teams

Xtract expense management App streamlines reimbursement cycles, automates expense flows, and boosts team productivity.

Close the month 5 days faster

Save up to 26,600 hours annually in the submission, reconciliation and reimbursement of your team's expenses.

100% online and digital

Reduces ticket loss and errors generated by handling tickets in physical format.

Agiliza el flujo de aprobación

Use Xtract APIs to seamlessly integrate with tools across your operation.

Reconciliation and reimbursement

Simplify tedious and time-consuming tasks such as expense reconciliation and reimbursement and transform them into something agile and enjoyable.

Simple expense reports

Generate expense reports with the maximum level of detail and in a few seconds, without typing data manually.

API Rest

Connect Xtract to your accounting system to automate the entry of your team's expenses.

No more paper receipts

Access your team's expense information from anywhere and without having to carry and store documentation in paper.

Available for iOS and Android.

Immediate implementation with no setup costs.

Agile expense reporting

Generate reports of your team's expenses in just a few clicks and without the need to type any data manually.

Dashboard where you can see the expenses of each person in your team sorted by category and status.

Reduce your team's time spent manually preparing and typing expense reports.

Built to connect

Integrate Xtract with your ERP to automate expense accounting. Xtract was built from the ground up to integrate quickly and securely.

Ready to get started?

Start today to automate the reception and posting of invoices in your company. You can also contact us to design a custom package for your business.

Always know what you pay

Integrated pricing with no hidden fees.

Start your integration

Get up and running with Xtract in as little as 10 minutes.

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