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Invoice approval Workflow

A single platform designed to power the entire document processing lifecycle.

Xtract allows effective and agile collaboration throughout the entire organization.


Online access to your digitalized invoices. Unlimited digital repository, with no space limit.

Automatic assignment

Automatic assignment to those in the team responsible for the authorization and reminders to speed up the approval process.

Streamlines approval workflow

Reduce internal approval, control and monitoring times for each invoice.

Automatic reading with AI

Xtract reads every invoice you receive, regardless of layout or country of origin. Processes at a rate of 100 invoices/second.

Custom Reports

Generate reports on the status and reason for approval of each invoice with the highest level of detail and in only a few clicks.

API Rest

Generate real-time dashboards with your purchase information using tools like Power BI or Tableau.

Automatic Reminders

Avoid delays in the process of authorization and payment of invoices, thanks to the automatic reminders configured in Xtract.

Automatically follow-up and avoid emailing back and forth with senders.

Online and paperless authorization through desktop or mobile.

Automate invoice intake. Ensure your process gets off to a fast start.

Redirect invoices from your mailbox to Xtract. Set the redirection from Gmail or Outlook in 10 minutes tops.

No development needed from your side.

Intake documents across any format filtering out spam or unnecessary documents

Ready to get started?

Start today to automate the reception and posting of invoices in your company. You can also contact us to design a custom package for your business.

Always know what you pay

Integrated pricing with no hidden fees.

Expense Management App

A better way to manage your team’s expenses.

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